New Years

First off, I want to wish each and ever one of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Although, from what I understand, New Zealand had theirs’ at 8am my time, so I am rather a wee bit late for them. Our New Year shall commence on Eastern Standard Time being that I am in South Carolina, USA. Who figured out these time lines anyway….whoever it was must have been a royal genius..they are already invented and I have trouble keeping them straight.

Tonight, we will have the usual New Years quiet night. Honey and I will watch a little television while I work on my projects (selection of the night: paint spindle whorls, spin angora or knit on next free pattern  that I was working on, but has been sitting around pretending not to be there instead). We might make it to midnight. We might go to sleep. The important thing is that we are together and happy and healthy.

The kids are all excited, someone up the road is setting off fireworks and the red, green and white are lighting up the evening sky!

Be safe and see you again in 2010!!! 2010??? Sounds so surreal!


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