Sylvester is home and yarns that I made this week

Sylvester is home and so very glad to be here. He was well missed!!! I picked him up this morning and treated him with a can of wet food. He ate and then crawled into bed and slept well. Please, excuse the unmade bed; I didn’t have the heart to move him!

I wasn't the only one to miss him.

Pumpkin spent her day snuggling and grooming him…shhh…I believe that we waited too late and she is ‘in the family way’.  Well, 60 days or so will tell us for certain.

I’m still at my spinning. I shared the mohair and angora with you already, but here is a picture of the basket that I’m working on filling lately….

Getting there..

These are mostly my mini skeins and one mohair/mohair giftie for someone and I shall not say for whom. I love making the mini skeins. Talk about instant gratification. And, I get to play with all sorts of my different fibers. See what I like together; sometimes try new techniques. They are absolutely the most no pressure spinning that I’ve done. There is no ‘trying’ to get enough yardage….I just can stop…10 yards, 20, whatever and make a pretty little skein. And, they are useful, too. Great for using in the embroideries that I like to play with on the side or as bits of color in faire isle and motif knitting.

Well, I heard the shower stop, so time to report to the living room. My Honey and I are going to watch Caprica 101P….part one and part two are on demand!!!


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