$500!! Cat. And, I made Yarn.

My tom kitty, Sylvester, is now a $500 fellow, thanks to a Pet medical loan (who ever heard of such a thing! But, you can get it right in your Vets’ office). For today, Sylvester went to the Veterinarian for wounds gained in an honest battle of conquest. When he returns tomorrow, his infected wounded foot will have been cleaned, he will have started his antibiotics and he will have two new sore place. He will be a wee bit tender between the shoulder blades, as kitty credit does extend to micro-chipping and he won’t quite be a ‘Tom’ cat. He is getting the operation. Poor fellow!

The Vet did call a short while ago. He did fine and will be ready for pickup tomorrow after 10am. This is his first trip away from home…I doubt he’ll want me to take him out ever again.

AS for fiber-y things. A while ago I shared a picture of some angora rabbit fur that I had dyed and wasn’t happy with and, so, redyed and shared it all with you! Well, it is now yarn!!!

Here it is on the spindle:

And, here is a picture of it as yarn after having been paired with a mix of my Mohair Tweeds:


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