Happy Holidays

Whatever your Holiday, whether you have Christmas or Yule or Solstice or Hanukkah I wish you all a Happy Holidays. Here we celebrate the seasons and have our Solstice celebration every year on the 22nd. I know the holiday actually changes from year to year, but Santa needs a regular schedule. So, here Santa has come and gone……

The night before....after Santa

I would definately say that the best bang for the buck was that easel; although, hitting the thrift store for kids clothes came a better second if you are just talking $$$. But, the easel was cheap. I got it at a big box art/craft store for around $14. It was easy to assemble and about as big as our tree. It was for my daughter, Emma, who sat under it the whole time she unwrapped her other gifts. Immediately thereafter, she toted it off to her room where she rearranged all her furnishing to accomodate her easel at her window and sat there for the next 4 hours painting. Yes, a nine year old sat still on Yule after Santa presents for 4 hours.  Here is a picture of her beloved easel:

Emmas' easel

Wishing you all out there a great Holiday Season!!!! Be safe and have fun!!


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