Sorry for the break in posts, but I’ve been sick. Stupid head and chest cold! Blah! But, I have not stopped working nor creating, as the bills go on and Christmas cometh.
Last night I was thinking about how odd my finances are with all my work and my store being on the net. My money goes to PayPal, then off to the bank and is written on checks for bills or the magic plastic debit card is brought into play. I was thinking that it was odd and then it occurred to me how normal it has become for more and more people. It makes me wonder if paper money is doomed. If, in fifty or a hundred years, the new generations will view cash and coins as a historical novelty. I think back to my youth and would never have imagined then that I would be spending money that I have never seen. Well, as long as it spends. Right?

Anyway, on to fiber-y things. I dyed some angora rabbit fur yesterday. I do not like the color. I do not like it at all! I’ll be re-dying it today. It is a yellow-green over gray right now. Somebody might like it, but I don’t ever want to sell something that I personally do not. I think that I’ll add some darker green, maybe, or some blues? I almost never know what colors that I’ll go for until I have my colors out and let inspiration take me. I have no idea what inspiration has caused this color. I hope that me and that ‘spirit that moves me’ can communicate better today. I’m sure that it is my fault…my ears are stuffed up.
Off to take another dose of cold medicine (why do they have to make it taste so yukky!) and get out my colors!!


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