New Years

First off, I want to wish each and ever one of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Although, from what I understand, New Zealand had theirs’ at 8am my time, so I am rather a wee bit late for them. Our New Year shall commence on Eastern Standard Time being that I am in South Carolina, USA. Who figured out these time lines anyway….whoever it was must have been a royal genius..they are already invented and I have trouble keeping them straight.

Tonight, we will have the usual New Years quiet night. Honey and I will watch a little television while I work on my projects (selection of the night: paint spindle whorls, spin angora or knit on next free pattern  that I was working on, but has been sitting around pretending not to be there instead). We might make it to midnight. We might go to sleep. The important thing is that we are together and happy and healthy.

The kids are all excited, someone up the road is setting off fireworks and the red, green and white are lighting up the evening sky!

Be safe and see you again in 2010!!! 2010??? Sounds so surreal!


Sylvester is home and yarns that I made this week

Sylvester is home and so very glad to be here. He was well missed!!! I picked him up this morning and treated him with a can of wet food. He ate and then crawled into bed and slept well. Please, excuse the unmade bed; I didn’t have the heart to move him!

I wasn't the only one to miss him.

Pumpkin spent her day snuggling and grooming him…shhh…I believe that we waited too late and she is ‘in the family way’.  Well, 60 days or so will tell us for certain.

I’m still at my spinning. I shared the mohair and angora with you already, but here is a picture of the basket that I’m working on filling lately….

Getting there..

These are mostly my mini skeins and one mohair/mohair giftie for someone and I shall not say for whom. I love making the mini skeins. Talk about instant gratification. And, I get to play with all sorts of my different fibers. See what I like together; sometimes try new techniques. They are absolutely the most no pressure spinning that I’ve done. There is no ‘trying’ to get enough yardage….I just can stop…10 yards, 20, whatever and make a pretty little skein. And, they are useful, too. Great for using in the embroideries that I like to play with on the side or as bits of color in faire isle and motif knitting.

Well, I heard the shower stop, so time to report to the living room. My Honey and I are going to watch Caprica 101P….part one and part two are on demand!!!

$500!! Cat. And, I made Yarn.

My tom kitty, Sylvester, is now a $500 fellow, thanks to a Pet medical loan (who ever heard of such a thing! But, you can get it right in your Vets’ office). For today, Sylvester went to the Veterinarian for wounds gained in an honest battle of conquest. When he returns tomorrow, his infected wounded foot will have been cleaned, he will have started his antibiotics and he will have two new sore place. He will be a wee bit tender between the shoulder blades, as kitty credit does extend to micro-chipping and he won’t quite be a ‘Tom’ cat. He is getting the operation. Poor fellow!

The Vet did call a short while ago. He did fine and will be ready for pickup tomorrow after 10am. This is his first trip away from home…I doubt he’ll want me to take him out ever again.

AS for fiber-y things. A while ago I shared a picture of some angora rabbit fur that I had dyed and wasn’t happy with and, so, redyed and shared it all with you! Well, it is now yarn!!!

Here it is on the spindle:

And, here is a picture of it as yarn after having been paired with a mix of my Mohair Tweeds:

Happy Holidays

Whatever your Holiday, whether you have Christmas or Yule or Solstice or Hanukkah I wish you all a Happy Holidays. Here we celebrate the seasons and have our Solstice celebration every year on the 22nd. I know the holiday actually changes from year to year, but Santa needs a regular schedule. So, here Santa has come and gone……

The night before....after Santa

I would definately say that the best bang for the buck was that easel; although, hitting the thrift store for kids clothes came a better second if you are just talking $$$. But, the easel was cheap. I got it at a big box art/craft store for around $14. It was easy to assemble and about as big as our tree. It was for my daughter, Emma, who sat under it the whole time she unwrapped her other gifts. Immediately thereafter, she toted it off to her room where she rearranged all her furnishing to accomodate her easel at her window and sat there for the next 4 hours painting. Yes, a nine year old sat still on Yule after Santa presents for 4 hours.  Here is a picture of her beloved easel:

Emmas' easel

Wishing you all out there a great Holiday Season!!!! Be safe and have fun!!

Wearables..and angora rabbit fur

I’ve started to make wearable to offer in my shop. I know that I am a little overlate to catch all of the Christmas shopping, but I figured why not go ahead anyhow. I love my fibers and fleeces, my yarns and spindles, but I have very much so been missing the feel of taking a peice from the ground up to finish product. I have always been one to work with various mediums. Beads and embroideries are chief among my addictions. And, so , without further ado:

Needlefelt Rose Brooch

A fully adorned work in progress:

Needlefelt, embroidered and beaded cuff with Peridot

Close up:

Cuff close up

And, not only have I been creating wearable art, but I fixed the color on the angora rabbit to my satisfaction. It only took me four days to get the color right, but here is a before and after for your enjoyment..

Before color..rather unimaginative
After..much more interesting

Well, off to get a little sewing time in before the kiddies need to wake up and get ready for school.

Have a beautiful and Blessing filled day!!

So how are the cats adjusting to the dog

See for yourself!!

 Yes, it is exactly what it looks like. The dog grooms my cats. THis is a picture of Frankie making sure that Sylvester is looking his best.

Better than watching television during spinning and a whole lot funnier! And, I have been spinning. Here is a picture of some of my hand dyed mohair filling up on the spindle.

 The quilt is a hold over of my quilting days…paper piecing!!

Well, off to grab a bite of dinner!!