Spindle making and spinning

Yesterday, I got the spindles ready for drilling for hooks, the hooks and varnish and all glued together. I don’t make many at a time, as I like to feel inspired to paint and to make each one unique. For me, that is done best in small batches. I’ve got three in the works. One a unique geometric, another that I like to call Sacred Colors (it is the black, red, and white one) and then I have my Green Asiac Birds. The last having been done in shimmery metallics.

 I, also, got to start my second single!!! Yay! I love spinning alpaca. The first single is an alpaca blend with silk and Shetland and silk and Corriedale done with mostly natural with the bits of color splashing through the batt here and there. I spun the whole little batt that I had all at once to get a bigger skein. And now, the second single is on the spindle. This ply is all of dark chocolate, almost black, alpaca and will, in my humble opinion, really look great with that first single. Can’t wait to get this one spun up so that I can put them together and see!

Here is a pic for you:

strings and thingsin progress
In Progress

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