Black Friday…Cyber Monday

I have never really paid attention to these days until just recently. I am not sure how much of these events are taken seriously or are just media hype. On the news they show these impossible crowds of people literally going nuts in front of these stores and even a Walmart closing its’ doors for a while as the crowd was being reportedly unrulely.
Is this for real?
As for me, I have been staying home and enjoying my new drying rack…here is a pic..ta-da:

I love this thing!

Wishing you all a good one!



Today until Monday the kids are home for Thanksgiving Break. We are going to have our feast on Friday, as that is also my youngest daughters birthday and we can celebrate both at my mother in laws house together…my daughter is turning 9 years old and believes that the feast is entirely in her honor.

 Lately I have been adding new colors of wool and mohair and several new gift packs of spinning fibers to my Etsy shop. I have been working hard, but having a blast! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

7 lovely ounces of my hand dyed mohair
Hot Pink Apricots Merino x and Black Eyed Susan Mohair
Stone Soup

Wild Week

Normally, I do not go so long without blogging, but the past few days have been insane. Thursday started out alright…a regular busy day with a visit to school in the evening to see my daughter in a play called ‘Go Fish Concert: Dive Into Learning’. Lovely singing…good story, she was marvelous and I took lots of pictures in poor lighting. Here is one of the betters to share:

Emma is the one in pink with the streamers and short hair

Then home and off to bed for school on Friday morning. Friday morning and afternoon were busy as usual and then my Honey took the kids over to his Moms for a weekend visit. While he was out delivering our children, I was cleaning out the back room and heard a really loud and awful banging noise. At this point it was dark out even though it was but seven in the evening. Hesitantly, I went to inspect the source of the racket. I was sure that the dog was chasing the cat again and they perhaps knocked over something as they played and, yet, I felt nervous checking out the sound myself and home alone. I quietly crept to my daughters’ bedroom where I had heard the noise. I knew then that it couldn’t have been our pets as the door to her room was still shut. I opened it cautiously while standing off to the side…nothing happened…I waited…still nothing, so I reached in and flipped on the light switch and saw nothing. Feeling silly I returned to the back room to complete the organizational process that I was hip deep in (art supplies..go figure) when my husband arrived home and asked me what had happened.  Puzzled, I told him of the loud noise and he told me of the window that had been broke in my daughters room, which faces the front of the house. In astonishment, I went to see for my self and for all the world it looked like a drive by shooting! We called the cops and it turned out to be a random slingshotter, as the found a rock that had been thrown through the window with enough velocity to have the first ‘shot’ dent the metal siding of this old house and the second rock to penetrate glass of both the regular windows and the storm window as it sent glass flying across the room as the rock flew to the far wall to make an awful gash in the drywall.

Well, after that bit of misadventure, we thought that it would be best to have our daughter move into what was our bedroom(how did she get so many dang Barbies, anyway?), our bedroom to what was once the living room and our living room to what was once my daughters bedroom. We rotated most of our house, but now both of the kids bedrooms are at the back of the house safely tucked away. Geesh, I feel like I moved again.

Of course, I still have been playing with fiber between times. But, I’ll save that for tomorrows post.

Have a good night!

Spindle making and spinning

Yesterday, I got the spindles ready for drilling for hooks, the hooks and varnish and all glued together. I don’t make many at a time, as I like to feel inspired to paint and to make each one unique. For me, that is done best in small batches. I’ve got three in the works. One a unique geometric, another that I like to call Sacred Colors (it is the black, red, and white one) and then I have my Green Asiac Birds. The last having been done in shimmery metallics.

 I, also, got to start my second single!!! Yay! I love spinning alpaca. The first single is an alpaca blend with silk and Shetland and silk and Corriedale done with mostly natural with the bits of color splashing through the batt here and there. I spun the whole little batt that I had all at once to get a bigger skein. And now, the second single is on the spindle. This ply is all of dark chocolate, almost black, alpaca and will, in my humble opinion, really look great with that first single. Can’t wait to get this one spun up so that I can put them together and see!

Here is a pic for you:

strings and thingsin progress
In Progress

Today has been busy

Today, I went shopping for one of my childrens’ friends whom is having a birthday party tomorrow (I’m not late shopping, as we just got the invite yesterday); sorted, weighed, packaged and listed four new hand dyed mohair spinners gift packs(here is a pic of one..

abcd clup1
This one has four-one ounce bundles

); and I have just finished painting (after two days at it) three spindle whorls and on top of kids and house work, I am now headed to the couch for a glass of wine(my Honeys’ homemade) and a mystery/murder novel until bed. I hope that you all have a peaceful and relaxing evening!

Take Care!!