The Promised SAFF Report

This was my first time at SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) in North Carolina and the drive was just gorgeous. We came up from South Carolina and the leaves in the Blue Ridge Mountains still had plenty of colour left to share.

Here is a picture that I took going down the road:

still have a bit of color in the blue ridget

Parking was crowded:

in search of parkingt

When I first went in the doors I was awestruck with my first view:

as you come in on the upper tiertthe arenat                                     

And so many Fiber-y Goodies:

people shoppingt

And, I saw these:

Lots of Needlefelted Animals

Which inspired me to get some needlefelting needles of my own and I made…Ta-da:

Needlefelted Beaded Face

For a Beaded Face Swap on a Yahoo group that I am in.

I got the most yummy angora rabbit from some super nice people from PA,USA  at The RoseField that came to SAFF:

We named her Pom Pom Blessings

Who was not happy over being moved from Pa to Sc in one weekend. She is nice and settled in now.

My kids saw new ways to travel and inspected sheep:

The only way to travel bestt
Llama Travel
jade and emma petting the sheept
Jade and Emma petting sheep
my daughter checking the woolt
My daughter inspecting the fleece on the hoof

But, over all where are our craftspeople? There were needlefelters, rug hookers, loom makers, dyers,spindle and trindle makers, but it looked like ebay or etsy laid out. EVERY single drum carder, spinning wheel, hand cards, combs, and the list goes on…that I saw was stamped and manufactured by the big manufacturers. It was a trade show and it was magnificent; I know, that an unconceivable amount of hard work went into putting it together and keeping it going, but I found it had too commercial a feel for my simple farmgirl heart. I was looking for more craftmen and women to be there and I had hoped for acres and acres of raw fleece. But, in my humble opinion, the shopping was better outdoors:

jacob sheept
Lookat the horns on this Jacob sheep!

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