Going to get a puppy!!!

I got the call today and he is ready to pick up on Weds. I’m absolutely thrilled. So are my kids. My Honey…well, he likes dogs and says whatever makes me happy. So, what can you do…smile.
Anyway, the puppy was born on the 19th of April, so he is still a young pup. He is short and brown with long silky fur and he thinks that he is a cat. Which is really good, as I have three of those.
And, he is cocker spaniel!!! I have always wanted one. I can’t wait to meet him.
And now, Back to fiber…
New listings on the store…more Merino!!

Dahlia Merino
Dahlia Merino

Dahlia Mix Merino. I would have named the new puppy Dahlia, but he is a boy. We are thinking Mo for Molasses.
I’ve got puppy on the brain. Time to go spin some fiber!!!


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