I was going to write about Printers

I was going to write about printers. I had started a rather log blog about the one that broke and the whole ordeal of exchange and installs and then I fell to dozing and thought to save it to draft. I could be writing about that; instead, let’s us talk about something more interesting.

Fiber…spinning…shopping. Yep, I feel better already. Today, I opened up a sister store to my Etsy shop on Artfire today. Not much in there, yet, but I’ve started listing fibers and setting up all the bio info and pictures and such. I’ve very excited about it and I think that it is going to be amazingly fun!
Obligatory link:

Also, I have been spinning, of course. And right now, I am spinning up some of my lovely and ..oh, so silky.. mohair in cool colors. I’ve dyed these all a while back and they are all lovely little pieces of this one and that one that I’ve saved up together for just such a project. I love mixing my colors up. It seems to make the spinning go faster for me. I know that a yard of solid color is still the same as a yard of varigated, but it seems quicker all the same.
Well, I would say that I’m heading back to the mohair and the spindle, but it is late here and the kids have school tomorrow so, time to hit the sheets.
Rest well.


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