I love Etsy…great bunch of people…great site…great customers…And, I love throwing a Sale. Throwing a sale feels a lot like throwing a party. All the preparation of making beautiful things and decorating the shop with them, as I put them up to offer. The excitement of deciding what kind of sale to give, the fabulous feeling that my items were really liked that goes with each purchase made, packaging everything up lovingly to head to their new homes and all the really nice feedback comments.

I’ve just finished setting up another lovely sale. This time in celebration of Autumn. The chill morning air has finally arrived to the South. The leaves have started to put on the red, golds, and bright colors of the fall season. When the weather here feels cool and the summer heat and humidity is finally broken..when that sense of energy and inspiration returns in full force to gear up for the winter cold…that is all the reason I need to throw a party.

The only thing that would make it better would be white chocolate, red grapes and a nice sharp cheddar cheese.

Obligatory link to store site for those that like sales:


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