I was going to write about Printers

I was going to write about printers. I had started a rather log blog about the one that broke and the whole ordeal of exchange and installs and then I fell to dozing and thought to save it to draft. I could be writing about that; instead, let’s us talk about something more interesting.

Fiber…spinning…shopping. Yep, I feel better already. Today, I opened up a sister store to my Etsy shop on Artfire today. Not much in there, yet, but I’ve started listing fibers and setting up all the bio info and pictures and such. I’ve very excited about it and I think that it is going to be amazingly fun!
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Also, I have been spinning, of course. And right now, I am spinning up some of my lovely and ..oh, so silky.. mohair in cool colors. I’ve dyed these all a while back and they are all lovely little pieces of this one and that one that I’ve saved up together for just such a project. I love mixing my colors up. It seems to make the spinning go faster for me. I know that a yard of solid color is still the same as a yard of varigated, but it seems quicker all the same.
Well, I would say that I’m heading back to the mohair and the spindle, but it is late here and the kids have school tomorrow so, time to hit the sheets.
Rest well.


On what I’ve been doing..

Bad News:
Yesterday morning, I realized that I made my newest pattern(that I just released to my test group) in just one size (when it was supposed to be in S, M and L)….I’ve been working on the math since.
Good News: I’ve about got the other two sizes figured out.
It wouldn’t be so bad, but this pattern is a little different than most. It starts from the ruffle and works down towards the wrist cuff.
But I have been about other less troubling pursuits and even have a few pictures to show for it.
strings and thingsangoraangoraall
and Fibery Goodness, which I’ve caused to be a many a fabulous colours:
I hope that you all have a restful evening. I’m going back to my spinning!


I love Etsy…great bunch of people…great site…great customers…And, I love throwing a Sale. Throwing a sale feels a lot like throwing a party. All the preparation of making beautiful things and decorating the shop with them, as I put them up to offer. The excitement of deciding what kind of sale to give, the fabulous feeling that my items were really liked that goes with each purchase made, packaging everything up lovingly to head to their new homes and all the really nice feedback comments.

I’ve just finished setting up another lovely sale. This time in celebration of Autumn. The chill morning air has finally arrived to the South. The leaves have started to put on the red, golds, and bright colors of the fall season. When the weather here feels cool and the summer heat and humidity is finally broken..when that sense of energy and inspiration returns in full force to gear up for the winter cold…that is all the reason I need to throw a party.

The only thing that would make it better would be white chocolate, red grapes and a nice sharp cheddar cheese.

Obligatory link to store site for those that like sales:


What I have Been Doing…


spinning, knitting and carving
spinning, knitting and carving

I have been knitting on my new cuff design, spinning angora rabbit fur from my very own bunny (she is English/French and sooooo soft!) and I taught myself how to carve wood and I’m right now in process of painting my hand carved handle for a spinning wheel orifice hook.
Can you all see the picture? I learned a new skill!! I love learning new things.