Spinning, Spinning, Spinning…

Yesterday, I went to a friends’ farm and got to meet all kinds of exciting fiber animals. She has goats and alpacas and llama; not that I can tell much of a difference between the two, but the fibers are sure Sooooft. And, her not so fibery animals. Dogs, emus, chickens, a duck and one crazy double yellow head amazon parrot with very good manners. He even made sure to say ‘Good-bye’ when I left.
As for spinning…

plaid angora/silk
plaid angora/silk

One single of lovely plaid angora that I dyed myself from from own little bunny, Fluffy. And, one lovely single of blue silk that I kettle dyed while spinning the angora.
Can’t wait to get this skein plied and see what it looks like when it is done. I’m spinning it for my Etsy store Strings and Things to go with my free Lace Cuff Pattern. I just love spinning silk and angora. It feels so deliciously decadent to me!


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