French Lace Cuff free pattern

Uh, I really haven’t got this whole thing figured out. I have been told that the pattern could not found and I looked and couldn’t find it, neither. So, here is another picture:


And, here is the pattern:

French Lace Cuffs

Original Design by Stephanie A Smith

For Strings and Things


*Strings and Things Silk/Angora Lace Weight Yarn 140 yards

*Size US1 dpn (2.25 to 2.5mm)      *Size US8 dpn (5mm)    *Needle for weaving ends

Yarn substitutions: Any Lace weight yarn with a halo like angora or mohair. This pattern may be tried with sock yarn or smooth lace yarns like silk for different effects. Also, beads may be added for sparkle. This pattern is knit in the round. The wrist on this cuff is very short. To extend the length of the wrist, do additional rounds of the 2k, 2p rib.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate                            Size: Adult Women S, M, L

Gauge: 7 stitches per inch on the cuff (US1); 5 stitches per inch on the ruffle (US8)

Cuff Starting at the Wrist

Cast on 36 (40, 44) stitches evenly onto 4 US1 dpn.

Rounds 1-14: *2k, 2p; rep from *(2 x 2 rib)

Round 15: *yo, k; rep from *

Round 16: k

Round 17, 19, 21: *yo, k2tog; rep from *

Round 18, 20, 22: k

Round 23: *yo, k; rep from *

Round 24: k

Round 25: k changing to US8 dpn

Round 26, 28, 30: *yo, k2tog; rep from *

Round 27, 29, 31: k

Picot Bind Off

*Cast on 2 stitches using cable cast on

Bind off 4 stitches

Put stitch back on start needle

Repeat from * all the way around

Weave in ends and wear in warmth.

Glossary of Stitches

Yo = yarn over          K2tog = knit two together

K = knit                      Rep = repeat

P = purl

How to do a Cable Cast On

To do a cable cast on, you dip you needle between your first two stitches on
the round that you are about start and pull a loop of your working yarn though
the two stitches. Then you put the loop of working yarn that you have on your
needle onto the start needle at the beginning of the round. Then, reach between
the stitch you just cast on and the second stitch to your working yarn and pull
another loop through. Put it as the first stitch.
Then bind off 4 stitches and put the resulting loop back on the start needle.
Then do it again and again and again until the round is complete.


5 thoughts on “French Lace Cuff free pattern

    1. This blog is, in great part, in relation to my Etsy store, as that is my main Artistic focus at this time…If you see something you like you can check my Etsy store at:
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      Thank you so much for your interest. It is such a good feeling when someone says something nice about ones’ Arts.
      Strings and Things

      1. I love making beautiful wearables which appear to be complicated and intricate but it actuaity are quite easy to work up! Thanks for sharing your creativity! Cat

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